How to Succeed as a Magician.

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People who show strong determination and are passionate will invariably succeed in their ambition. However it does not happen over night and you need to practice continuously and be patient. An example is Derren Brown who once flipped a coin ten times, coming up heads each time. This was completely a television stunt as all he did was to flip a coin nine hours straight until he got the desired outcome!

To get a better understanding of magic, it is good to learn the associated history and how the technology has helped to make it bigger. There are number of techniques involved in the area which need a clear understanding so that one gets an idea where to specialise. You have to start from the basics, books and online courses are a good resource.

You have to start from the basics. There are many great books and online tutorials that you can start with, one is the magic mentalism course that we are promoting in the advert on this page. Otherwise you can buy great books from Amazon and great tricks from companies like Ellusionist. It is often a cunning plan to record yourself practicing on video and then watch yourself to check your performance. In addition it is worth practicing in front of friends and family.

Once you have mastered tricks start to work as an amateur before getting people to pay you! And never forget to maintain eye contact with your audience. Mistakes are a way to learn so don’t let them discourage you and remember to always keep eye contact with your audience.

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