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My grandfather might have killed me for writing this website, sadly however he died some years ago.  Bill was a member of the magic circle of Great Britain, and took his magic very seriously. 

It is however thanks to him that I have my passion for the wonderful world of Magic and I hope he wouldn’t be too upset that I am sharing that passion with you! I remember as a young child being taught various tricks that at the time seemed the height of sophistication.  How to make an egg disappear into a silk handkerchief was one of my favorites.

Magic has been around since time immemorial and the rather wonderful painting by Heronymous Bosch of the conjurer on this page dates back to the 15th Century.  Even then people wanted to know how magic was done.  With the internet and the likes of David Blaine, Derren Brown, David Copperfield and others more and more resources written on such things as how to do card tricks, how to do tricks with coins, how to levitate, how to make people disappear etc. are now in the public domain.

I decided that the time was now to share my passion for all things magic and I very much hope you will enjoy this website.

There is a link on the right to an absolutely fantastic product called Magic Mentalism, written by a well known magician who wishes to retain his anonymity.  If you have any interest in learning more about magic or you wish to amaze and amuse your friends with your new found prowess this is a much recommended product and good value for just $47.

You are also more than welcome to browse my Store for magic related items.  Please also consider joining our mailing list for periodic snippets of interest from the magic world.

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