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The Torn and Restored Napkin

I remember the first time I saw this trick. It blew me away! Great fun for entertaining at a dinner party or become like David Blaine or Criss Angel and do it on the street!

Hope you enjoy this video!

The Berzh – Incredible Stick Tricks

I love YouTube. I spend hours searching the site looking for cool magic tricks. This guy reminds me so much of the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and whilst it has little to do with magic he is showing great dexterity which is always useful for magic! And as a frustrated drummer I just really enjoyed it so apologies for throwing this one in as a magic video of the day, but I suppose it is my site!

Hope you enjoy and that you don’t find the music too much!

How to Make Something Vanish

Do you want to make something vanish? If you want to learn magic you need to get good at sleight of hand. This nifty video by Doug Philips shows some techniques that you can use when performing a vanishing trick to make it more believable. This is based on the French Drop technique. Hope you find this useful.

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Where did it go? Magical illusions for the beginning magician. Learn how to put on a magic show in this free video clip about how to make things vanish. Expert: Douglas Phillips Bio: Douglas Phillips has been performing magic for 15 years in front of audiences large and small. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to Do the cut Rope in 1/2 Magic Trick

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Learn how to do the cut the rope in half magic trick in this free illusion and street magic video. Expert: Malik Haddadi Contact: www.malikthemagicguy.com Bio: Malik Haddadi is a magical comedy entertainer, balloon artist, and juggler with over 15 years experience. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

The Jumping Rubber Band Illusion Revealed

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See the jumping rubber band illusion revealed in this free magic lesson video. Expert: Dave Foydel Contact: www.davefoydel.com Bio: After over twelve years of honing his skills, Dave Foydel entered the world of professional magic in 1994. In addition to performing, Dave teaches the art of magic to people of all ages.